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“As we adapt to these uncertain times, we must remain optimistic as well as vigilant in serving the needs of a diverse population…and having a Board that reflects that diversity.” A resident of Greenwich, CT, Mann is President of E-J Electric Installation Co., a 110-year-old electrical contracting firm in Long Island City, NY.

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A new study found that even when told whether a person was gay or straight, people identified a person’s sexual orientation based on how they looked — even if it contradicted the facts presented to them.“We judge books by their covers, and we can’t help but do it,” said Nicholas Rule, Ph. “With effort, we can overcome this to some extent, but we are continually tasked with needing to correct ourselves.”“Furthermore, the less time we have to make our judgments, the more likely we are to go with our gut, even over fact,” he added.“As soon as one sees another person, an impression is formed,” Rule said.

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It can be argued that his in-your-face style is just a natural step forward as the definition of masculinity changes and he’s just the torch bearer, which someday someone else will inevitably grab from him.

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Golf champion Tiger Woods once asked fellow superstar athletes Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter how to pick up women at a bar, as revealed in a new piece published by ESPN on Thursday, April 21.