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With Pictoplasma right around the corner, we caught up with the one and only Mate Steinforth on his new trailer for the upcoming festival, the seemingly new genre of festival trailers, and his new foray into the world of social media.

Vallée Duhamel’s work is beautiful, playful, smart, and full of surprise.

Con la nueva versión de Visual Chart, los límites los pone usted.

Visual Chart, construido con una arquitectura de 64 bits y multitarea, es capaz de procesar cientos de ticks en tiempo real, con fluidez y eficiencia.

To connect as a different user perform a switch user operation.

To connect with the configured identity just attempt the last operation again.

It seems like this key is neither affected by resetting the environment nor uninstalling VS 2013. forum=visualstudiogeneral FYI the path to "devenv.exe" is (for windows 8.1, Visual Studio 2013) C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\IDE So you can navigate there in any plain old command prompt and run devenv /resetuserdata Then log in to VS2013 as usual.

According to the gossips and surrounding information, Google is all set to release its final version of Android Nougat 7.0 on August 22.Ash Thorp is a household name in our industry and beyond.In this Motionographer guest post, we’re thrilled to bring you some insight from Ash himself as he recounts his explosive past few years, some lessons learned, and where he hopes to go.Firstly, Telus previously stated the release of Marshmallow at the very same time and secondly, August 22 is the day when the testing procedures for Korean LG5 will be started to preview on Android 7.0. The Unexplained Mystery About Visual Basic Forum So, it can be assured that soon announcement will be made by Google regarding the release of Android 7.0. Some changes such as bundled notification are quite obvious.Google is repurposing Daydream as the namesake of its Virtual platform.(I think I may have also tried the signing out of Visual Studio option at some point beforehand as well, but I don't recall as it was a busy day!Order-driven manufacturing is complex enough—you don't want to guess every time you quote a price on a job or estimate a delivery date.You need to see, at a glance, the impact of every order, constraint, and bottleneck in your organization, so that you can manufacture at a level of speed and efficiency that makes the best use of the resources you have.When you have a tool that lets you stop guessing, you can start delivering consistently profitable results.Eliza Jappinen does it all with inspiring ferocity.In this issue of Spectrum, we learn how the Helsinki-based artist forged her own path and what it’s like being a mommy with blue hair.


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